Other Classes & Workshops

Knowledge is power. Childbirth education classes help give you the confidence to get through labor and birth, and empower you to make informed decisions for yourself and your baby. We will cover one topic each week so you can choose the ones that are most relevant and important to you, or take all the classes in our series for a comprehensive childbirth education course.


Class Topics

Understanding Your Pregnancy

Choosing site of birth, choosing a care provider, the pregnant body, common discomforts of pregnancy, screenings & diagnostic tests, warning signs & complications, nutrition and exercise in pregnancy.

Preparing For Labor & Birth

Optimal fetal positioning, signs of labor, stages of labor, preterm labor and other warning signs, what if my baby is breech?, what if my water breaks?

Comfort Measures For Labor & Birth

Practice different comfort measure and coping strategies for the intensity of labor and birth. We encourage your partner and/or support team to attend this class so they can learn how to support you in labor.

Hospital Procedures

What happens when you arrive at the hospital, vaginal exams, fetal monitoring, eating and drinking in labor, freedom of movement in labor, IV fluids, hospital policies, twin deliveries.

Pain Management

Learn about the risks and benefits of narcotics, nitrous oxide and epidural, and gain strategies for making the best decisions regarding pain management in labor.

Variations Of Labor: Induction & Augmentation

What is induction?, reasons for induction, methods of induction, risks and benefits of induction, how can you increase your chances of a vaginal delivery?, what are your options?

Variations Of Labor: Cesarean Delivery

Reasons for cesarean delivery, hospital procedures for cesarean delivery, what are my options?, what to expect after cesarean delivery.

Postpartum Recovery & Healing

Physical changes, mental and emotional well-being, lifestyle changes and adjusting to motherhood, relationship adjustments after your baby arrives.

Breastfeeding Basics

Baby’s first feeding, your first milk, how often to feed your baby, hunger signs, latching on, how to know your baby is getting enough, breastfeeding challenges.

Newborn Care

Newborn supplies, what happens right after birth, newborn tests and procedures, diapering, cord care, baths, skin changes, crying, sleep, choosing a pediatrician.